Converting External Hard Disk to Internal Hard Disk.

Generally, external drives are not designed to be used as the main boot drive, if you are planning on using it that way, But if you are using it for storage internally the same way you would use it as an external drive it will be fine.

You can make it by ripping out the disk and SATA cable from external HDD and connect it to your computer but before doing this make sure you have taken the backups.

The main thing you need to look at first Do you have a port to plug it into on the motherboard? & second thing Do you have enough power connectors on the power supply and does the PC have enough power to run the system with an extra device attached?

Unless it’s a 2.5mm drive it’s not going to fit the second thing is probably only room for 1 drive so unless the drive is way bigger than what’s in it I’d leave it alone.

If there is data on the drives you would need to back it up and format it and install the os on the new drive. May be you need to reinstall the operating system.

Just be aware of static electricity while handling the drive or working on the laptop.

Confused for ERP Development, Which is the best option Core PHP with Bootstrap or PHP framework with Angularjs?

For ERP Development Which is the best option Core PHP with Bootstrap or PHP framework with Angularjs?

Using a technology completely depends on the team and their experience in handling the technology effectively. Also when you talk about the framework it helps in rapid development, Updating a system, completely depends on the requirement with the new features coming in from time to time. You can always build your system on micro architecture and API, it will help you to use the lean development by keeping the entire system loosely coupled and build and integrate new versions or modules from time to time. Rather than building a full system completely integrated.

if u wanna develop something in big term and for a long time then u should have create your own framework suppose you are using laravel ri8 now but who knows after 8years it might not have any value in market place besides a big project like ERP should make your own rules and regulations no one should know about it.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & Microsoft Office

Key Board Shortcuts are key to success in the digital world. You can use keyboard shortcuts to become the master of computers working with keyboards you would no longer need any mouse to use a computer. You can use keyboard shortcuts to anywhere either it is any software or website operating system. Following is the list of keyboard shortcut used in Microsoft & Windows. Go learn and become master of keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+A = For All Mark
Ctrl+B = Bold all text
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+D = Changing font (MS word)
Ctrl+E = Centre Small Letter
Ctrl+E = between (Ms Word)
Ctrl+F = Find
Ctrl+ G = Go To
Ctrl+I = Italic (MS word)
Ctrl+J = Justify Alighgment Capital Latter (MS word)
Ctrl+H = text for writing baḍāra (Ms Word’s home)
Ctrl+K = Hyperlink
Ctrl+L = Left Alightment (MS word)
Ctrl+M = Indent spacing
Ctrl+N = New Page
Ctrl+O = Open
Ctrl+P = Print
Ctrl+Q = Paragraph Alighgment
Ctrl+R = Right Alighgment (MS word)
Ctrl+S = Save
Ctrl+T = Changing Indent
Ctrl+U = Under Line (MS word)
Ctrl+V = Paste
Ctrl+W = File Close
Ctrl+X = Cut / Move
Ctrl+Y = redo
Ctrl+Z = Undo (to bring the wrong job back)
Ctrl+Right Arrow = rename on the bottom line
Ctrl+Left Arrow = rename faster for the on
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow move = to mark one
Close = runing file for runing
Ctrl+Esc = to see the main menu of windows
Ctrl+[= WRITING SIZE 1 points to small
Ctrl+] = WRITING SIZE 1 points to grow
Ctrl+Home = document to start the (Ms Word)
Ctrl+End = (Ms Word) at the end of document (Ms Word)
Home (Ms Word) in the beginning of line (Ms Word)
End = MS (Ms Word) at the end of the line
F2 = Rename
F3 = Computer of All Search
F5 = Refresh
F6 = moving type to activate and ms in the violin word.
Alt+Enter = to know the details
Alt+F4 = computer site down, restart for sleep
Alt+Space key = to get out of program
Alt+Tab = file minimize and to open
Alt = type in the type of ms word
Alt+Right Shift = Keyboard lock for 8 seconds
Alt+Esc = hide tools hidden tools (Mouse Shortcut)
LEFT ATL+LEFT SHIFT+PRT SCR = increase computer brā’iṭanēsa
Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock = Mouse lock
Shift+F10 = Mouse Shortcut
Shift+Delete = absolutely delete (not in recycle bin bin)
Windows Logo+E = File Manager for open
Windows Logo+L = Compute for

Good & 100 % free Video Editor and Slicing Program easy to use.

Video Editor Softwares:  There are lots of video editor software available for free.  Some of them are available with open source that can be used for the various purpose you can easily download from any website such file hippo, Softonic etc.

Video Editors are used for editing videos such as slicing videos giving it effects, adjusting color contrast, shadow, and other many effects.

Some of them are as Da Vinci Resolve,  Microsoft Movie Maker, & iMovie these video editors can be used for video editing at a good level.

Microsoft Movie Maker is generally used by windows user & iMovie used by MacOS user. Here are is an example for Linux user. Linux user can install the best one i.e. Linux distros such as Artisx music Linux and so on.

You can also use Handbrake & Mkv Merge They all have a small learning curve both are free!

Yamb is another really good idea for video editing it is totally free video editor program.