How can I stop auto Windows Updating in Windows?

Hi, Again ShiV KumaR is here, today we are going to talk about Auto Windows Update Feature. As we all, know that this is a default feature of Windows, but the problem is when it starts automatically.

I mean sometimes we all face an issue of Windows Auto Update, it starts updating our system’s Windows Automatically when gets an internet connection around. It causes unwanted results like manual(custom) settings loss, data loss, sometimes after updating windows it also slowing down because of new update has lots of new features. This blue screen sucks while updating and it becomes hardest to turn it off or restart while it updates.

So if you want to disable this feature you can do it with the following solution:


Step 1: Press the Windows Button + R from the keyboard.

Step 2: A run dialog box will appear on the screen, here type “services.msc” and press Enter

Step 3: Now another dialog box having name “Services” will pop up having lots of services in the right pane.

Step 4: Here scroll down the right pane and select the “Windows Update” service.

Step 5: Now from the left pane click on “Stop the service”. That’s all!

Your auto windows update service will be disabled. This is the most convenient way to stop the Windows Auto Update service. If you want to enable this service again you can enable it by following same steps and at last clicking on “Restart the service”.

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