How to stop rust on body panels of your Car?

There are various causes for rusting body panels of cars. It can be controlled by having following precautions:

1. Fiberglass panels: Fiberglass panels are used to laminate body panels of your car. It protects your car’s body from sunlight, rains, muds and other many contents that can harm your car’s body.

2. Rust Bullet: It is another idea to get your car’s body panel safe from those harmful sources. Rust Bullet is a type of polish coating that works as suns cream lotion for your car.

There are many other sources are available.

Issues with battery constantly having to be charged.

There are lots of issues with car batteries. One of them is charging. You need to charge it if you haven’t use your car for a week.Headlights or dome lights left on.

The reason for losing battery power is normal there are the various reason: Headlights or dome lights left on.

Headlights or dome lights left on.

The battery is in weak or poor condition.

There are multiple solutions also you can use a Voltage regulator to regulate power flow to your battery.

Quick disconnect, short term fix, nice for long term storage and very easy disconnection when working on electrical. And ditto on the pulling fuses to find which circuit has the drain.

How to reduce Electricity Bill?

There are no such devices that can reduce electricity consumption. Because every device that will use to save electricity will also consume electricity, Infect it will be right to say that there are some devices that can be used to transform electricity from one form to another like Inverter.

The inverter provides electricity backup to the appliances in a household or an office, but they consume some amount of electricity themselves.

Also, there are lots of devices that can be used to make your electricity using less. Some of them are as follows:

  • CFL’s
  • Five Star Rating Devices, etc.

Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill:

  • Use less power consumption devices.
  • Use five-star rating labeled devices.
  • Shutdown devices when never in use.
  • Make sure all devices are off before leaving the room.
  • Do not use fashionable lights.

There are lots of more ideas that can be used to save electricity.