1911 holster are beautifully designed

The Tailor Made leather holsters Old West Holsters & Cowboy Leather-based Holsters are Made up of 89 Ounce. American saddle leather holsters are totally lined with rigidity & durability. The heavy weight structure also ensures that the holsters remain available when re-holstering. We encircle our cowboy holsters with quite strong 7 string bonded nylon thread and we dual stitch them in strain points. Cowboy holster straps are created using weighty 9 ounce. Saddle leather and are fully leather lined. They comprise 2 4 hand shaped bullet loops and also come equipped with high quality strong brass and steel components. Available in a variety of configurations, our Cowboy holsters are now patterned after the people used during the times of this Wild West. We create styles ranging from early Slim Jim and California styles to the later Mexican dual fold. Whichever you pick, we will ensure that your brand new zipper belt and holster is manufactured using only the maximum quality products and also the best craftsmanship. The Cowboy 1911 holster and straps are available in hand dyed black, white, brownish, mahogany and tan colors. We can even hand-tool you get using a border stamped, basket-weave or hand tooled finish. If you want a cowboy holster and buckle that truly stands out, incorporate a silver buckle, then squares or custom-made nickel spots onto it. We now stock an variety of silver accessories, including buckles, initials, and Conchos to help make the most elaborate Cowboy holster rigs.

Developed for winner Dean action shot, John Shaw, this rig was created for acute cowboys. The holsters are crafted from the best leather, fully leather lined and hand molded for a perfect match. Keeping within the heritage of the Old West these holsters are made completely of leather. There isn’t any metallic lining or plastic components, so as no one are expected. Even the holsters are hand stamped at a boundary layout shared throughout the late 1800’s and hands dyed for a gorgeous complete. All borders have been burnished afterward painted for attractiveness and endurance.