Getting to know about hand engraving

Engraving is known to be an ancient craft, which has roots that stretch back to the millennia and that is why engraved bracelet are readily available in the market. You can engrave your bracelet using the hand engraving method whether it is silver, gold or platinum boho bracelet.
Hand engraving
Throughout the history of jewelry, engraving has been a craft which was done painstakingly by the hand. And the tools which are currently used for hand engraving would look quite familiar to the ancient craftsperson. The tools that are hand held like the gravers are utilized to ensure that they remove the small metal amounts in creating the design.
The piece is finished by use of hand, polish and refine the cuts to come up with the end results that you desire. The hand engravers are only restricted by the surface size and their imagination. The type of jewelry which are common for engraving include images, lettering or repeated patterns. The geometric patterns, which are simple line illustrations and lettering are known to work best. Simple graphic nature also makes it for a design that is striking to be ideal for engraving.
Gravers are the main tools which are utilize in the process of hand engraving, very sharp and at the same time, tiny hand held chisels which bring the bright and deep cuts in the metals. With a series of different sizes of gravers, the incredible details and intricate engravings can be easily achieved.
On the downside, hand engraving has become rare nowadays. It is known to be time consuming as a craft and because of that, can be more expensive. But with the hand engraving giving out a unique touch to each of the jewelry and with each engraver having their own unique style; it is something which should be embraced by the artisans.