The most famous home improvement contractor

Materials over time lose physical properties due to exposure to the elements and to the use made by human beings. This way they lose their showiness and begin to tire, producing failures in the home that you must solve. Over the years, there are so many failures that you must make the decision to make renovations or restorations that minimize these failures.

It is there that Unified Home Remodeling is the ideal ally. With 30 years of experience in the area of home remodeling and restoration, he is the most famous home contractorin all of New York State.

This is supported by the accreditations that Unified has, among which we can mention:

• The A + rating awarded by the Better Business Bureau, for the effort to deal with any customer inconvenience in a timely manner. The same customers have given it a 99.6% satisfaction rating.

• All the products Unified uses for its renovations are AAMA certified because they pass all comprehensive tests for resistance, water leakage, air pressure, impact and more. In addition to that they comply with all the tests of the NFRC for the good energy performance of windows, doors and skylights.

• The home contractor is EPA certified because it takes all precautions in the most thorough way to ensure that its workers and customers are never exposed to lead during remodeling work.

They always do everything possible to comply with its three fundamental principles:

• First quality service: since it offers its clients high quality materials and highly professional works

• Timely installation: They work tirelessly to complete the work in the shortest possible time and thus not greatly impact the daily lives of their clients.

• Guaranteed satisfaction: His excellent works are rated by his clients with 99.6% satisfaction, in addition to granting a lifetime warranty certificate for materials and workmanship.

Visit the website of the home contractor Unified Home Remodeling and see their work in the photographic catalog. You cannot miss it.