What Are Essential Oils And Their Benefits

When we are talking about essential oils we have to first understand what exactly essential oil is and why it has gained so much popularity over the years now. The word oil gives us an idea that this is an oil which is highly beneficial for health. This essential oil is the natural extract of plants and it’s not oil at all as the word depict. The essential oil has a great history and has been used from a very long time. When we go back to history it can be seen that essential oil has been used as medicine, therapies, treatments, health care etc.

The oil that plants carry within themselves helps them to stay protected from diseases and predators. Thus when this oil is extracted all the benefits automatically get transferred to the oil. That is why in ancient times this oil has been used as a great medicinal aid.

In recent times scientists have studied that essential oils can heal mental illness, disorders stress, psychological problems etc. That is why nowadays essential oils are used for aromatherapy which helps to heal the mind and make it feel relaxed.

Essential Oil Comes In Different Types

Some essential oil come with a grade called therapeutic while others come with no therapeutic grade. Few essential oils which have medicinal properties, thus are used to heal infection, wounds etc.

The essential oil has been stated as “therapeutic level oil” but no definite research has been done to prove this. It is totally on the company to use this tagline on their label. A person’s individual experience varies while they are using any essential oil. Therapeutic level experience depends on the user. Usually, it has been seen that many companies grade their manufactured oil on the set stands of their company and tag it as therapeutic oil on the label to attract customers. Thus one must be careful about this and should not be hung with any such company label or guarantee. Many best essential oil brands have therapeutic grade essential oils.

Thus following are some of the key benefits of essential oils

1. Helps to boost the immune system: Our immune system needs proper boosting so that it can run and work properly. When our immune system is strong it helps us to defeat any type of disease. Many essential oils contain phenolics, ethers, ketones and agents which can affect your health negatively. Thus one needs to check properly which one would be the best to suit you. Check if your oil contains thymol and carvacrol which helps to keep you protected from bacteria’s.

2. Builds your digestion strong: Essential oil can play a major role in making your digestion strong as well as healthy. One can easily find various essential oils which help to remove indigestion problem, heals stomach ulcers and many other stomach related problems. When the stomach is healthy many diseases automatically cut out of our body. Thus one should take care of the stomach.

3. Increases the wellness of the brain: Essential oil is proven to relax the human mind and makes it feel stress-free and relaxed. Thus using this oil can increase the oxygen level reaching your brain as well as increases concentration and gives stability to mind.

4. Helps balance the hormones: Hormones are just like messenger of our body which transmits what work each organ has to do. If a person is suffering from hormonal imbalance it means his or her health condition is not very good. Thus in such case, essential oils helps very much in balancing the hormone level and neutralizing it.

5. Improves your skin and hair growth: Essential oil helps to slowly and steadily improve the hair growth and skin condition. There is high level of pollution around us thus in such situation usually our outer body gets affected first than the inner one. Thus essential oil helps to increase blood flow to your skin and hair to make it look healthy.

How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

When we are talking so many good things about essential oils then it is very necessary to know how in reality they are extracted. Thus there are two methods of extracting essential oils:

1. Distillation: For extracting oil, steam is usually used. Today also in many essential oil companies distillation method is used. It evaporates components from water which makes it easy to extract. This method is used mostly for flowers and soft and non-citrus ingredients.

2. Expression: This method is also known as cold pressing which is used for extracting essential oil of citrus food or ingredients. In this method, there is a sponge which soaks all the oil of the citrus ingredient and later can be taken out and purified for human use.

Essential oils are used in many ways. From the skin care to hair care, from immune system to hormones its benefits are just so many.