Which eWallet App Is the Best Recommended

eWallet is also called as digital wallet. It is just like a physical wallet storing all of your cash and essential information more compactly in the form of a mobile app, yes, mobile app! You no more have to carry your physical wallet into your pocket or bag and arranging the stuff every day. Rather, eWallet has already organized and saved your information securely.

All kinds of payments can be made through e tunai rakyat such as paying electricity bills, online shopping, shopping at physical stores, buying tickets etc. and many more. Owing to the huge benefits provided by eWallet it is fast becoming the choice of people in Malaysia.
Use of digital wallet
Digital wallet is based on encryption software substituting old and analog wallet. They work through mobile app in your smartphone. You can simply pay all of your payment through this digital wallet by just tapping your app to a compatible device at cashier’s desk. This eWallet o tony stores your money but also pays it, buys tickets from it, store tickets, coupons and other related stuff.
eWallet mobile app
eWallet mobile app is provided by third parties or the banks themselves. eWallet has taken Malaysia by storm due to its extensive usage. All the payments are made by eWallet through mobile apps. These mobile apps are extensively used by millions of users in Malaysia. As owing to their number, there exist a rating system that is based on the popularity and usage of these apps. The app which has highest popularity and is used widely than any other app is considered as the best eWallet Malaysia app. Here is the list of few top apps in Malaysia:
• Touch ‘n Go eWallet
• GrabPay
• Boost
• Vcash
• Razer Pay
All of these eWallet and others have a strong competition and ranking works on user preferences basis.